10 Different Hobbies to Enhance Your Retirement, Part II

In Part I of this article, we discussed the importance of finding new and meaningful ways to spend your time so that your retirement years will be just as rewarding as your working years. Just as with the activities we reviewed in the first part of this article, including puzzles and games, traveling, volunteering, collecting and teaching. I’ve aimed to provide you with a variety of hobbies and diversions — some of which are aimed at keeping both mind and body nimble while others are directed at simple relaxation and enjoyment.


6. Sports and Exercise
It should go without saying that even in retirement, you’ll still need to care for your body, and regular exercise is a great way to do just that. You don’t have to run a marathon, but consider hiking or walking on a regular basis, a match of tennis with a friend every week, or even hitting the links. Even fishing counts! You’ll likely discover that you not only relish the chance to exert some pent-up energy, but you no longer have any good excuses about not having enough time to hit the gym a few times a week.


7. Reading
Now that you’re retired, you can read all the books that have been piling up on your “to-read” list, so now is the time to get that library card you’ve been putting off. Curling up with a good book not only fully engages your mind, but it’s also a delightfully pleasant way to pass a rainy day.


8. Writing
Maybe you’re a writer at heart. Whether you journal, write short stories, or are working on the next great American novel, you’ll now have the time to hone your craft and focus on writing what you love. And who knows? Maybe you will write the next best-seller or the gripping memoir nobody can put down!


9. Genealogy
Working on your family tree can be a fascinating way to spend your time. With an abundance of websites like Geneaolgy.com, typing in just one name can often lead you down a trail of knowledge your were never privy to before, so you’re more than apt to learn a few new fascinating things about your family history. Once you’ve dug up and explored your family roots, in addition to creating a traditional family tree, consider summarizing your family’s story into a narrative that can be shared with children and grandchildren and ultimately, their grandchildren.


10. Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts make for a great pastime for retirees. Not only do they involve creativity, but also the use of your hands as you work to create something original and beautiful. Some of you may already have a craft you enjoy, such as knitting or painting, but for those of you who never considered yourself “crafty,” what better time to learn something new. You can find classes offered at community colleges, senior centers, community centers, etc., and most of them are rather inexpensive. What’s more, much of what you create will make great, personal gifts. Who knows, perhaps one of these artistic endeavors will spark your interest:
Cross-stitch or embroidery
Pottery making
Stained glass
Jewelry making


Retirement can take some getting used to — after all, you’re now enjoying freedoms you haven’t known since childhood — so knowing just what to do with your time can seem overwhelming and daunting. You may even fear that your life will become boring now that you’re no longer working, but just the opposite is true — you’re embarking on a whole new chapter in your life, so get out there and embrace all life has to offer and try out a few of these hobbies. They won’t all appeal to you, but surely something has stirred your interest.




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