Are retirement plans insured in the same way Banks are by the FDIC?

Safety in such troubled times should be a top priority when it comes to your money. So why should your retirement plan be any different?


“Is your retirement plan insured”?



Keeping the money safe


When I hear that from a client or an investor, I recognize that many times what they are really trying to understand is how safe is my money.  And that is the issue that many people are very concerned about in the very volatile times that we are in.


You know, typically 401K plans which are designed to accumulate money over the long term, don’t have a lot of safe alternatives during difficult times. The good news is, there are other retirement plan options available to you outside of your 401K.


Protect your principle


So if safety and conservation and protecting your principle are things that you are really concerned about, I would encourage you to ask those questions, what other safe options are available to you and how can you find those.


Because safety in today’s world is a huge issue that many people are recognizing is more important than anything else in their retirement plan.


Finding the answers


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