Can you use the money in your retirement plan before you retire?

For years, plenty of folks have contributed to their IRAs and 401Ks without giving notice to the thought that the headlining question predisposes. They don’t stop to think that accessing the funds in their retirement plan, before the imminent time has arrived, may be the least attainable during the roughest of times.


In particular, this dilemma has ensued due to the policy that most traditional retirement plans enforce: requiring a qualifying age limit to allow you to have access to your own funds. In other words, you are not allowed to spend the monetary assets put towards your retirement before you have reached the age of fifty nine and a half. So what happens when you need to send the kids to college… or when an emergency occurs and you need money to make it out?


Things don’t always go as planned during this capricious game we call life. Your ship may begin with smooth sailing then hit rough currents and be the first to sink. We rely on the ship’s crew, or in this case, our banks to pull us out of the water in threatening situations.


Just how you rely on your crew, we want you to know that you can confide in Barber & Associates Financial Group if ever you need to obtain a plan that allows you to use your retirement money as you need to. What differentiates us here at Barber & Associates from traditional financial groups is that you have OPTIONS. You have the option for a plan that allows you to use your retirement money as you please. Once you have used it, you can simply put it back into your plan if you choose to at a later point in time.


The most important point to take away from this is that you are not being restricted by the rules that so many of these traditional tax deferred plans hold you accountable to; unable to access your retirement funds. When thinking about the right savings plan for your money, your finances and your retirement, think about options and remember that less is not more!