What happens to your retirement plan if you become injured and can no longer invest?

A disability can often alter the amount of money you are able to save for the rest of your life. But, a disability does not have to hurt your retirement. Luckily there are alternatives you can put in place to insure your future.


“What happens to your retirement plan if you become unable and can not save those dollars over the time that you had planned?” 



The “what is?” scenario


Many people never thought about that question. What if we got sick? What if you had an accident and your 401K or your IRA or your 403B, the plan that you had intended to save all of your retirement dollars, you weren’t there to work and to save and to contribute those dollars.


I think if you called and asked about your plan, you would find out that there’s no provision to continue those contributions.




Well, good news. You can opt for an alternative.


At Barber & Associates Financial Group, we’ve helped many people establish retirement plans that have disability features attached to them that guarantee if you have an accident or an illness, those contributions that you’re not able to make will be made on your behalf so that your retirement dollars will be there, even if you’re not able to work and to save your money on your own.


So I would encourage you: find out more about this important issue of what happens if you become disabled before retirement.



Finding the answers


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