What should you look for in a financial advisor?

Selecting a financial advisor can be a scary endeavor. After all, you are putting your money, fiscal safety, and most importantly, your family’s financial stability in the hands of a stranger. The most sought after trait you should look for… Trust.


And I want to respond to one of the most common questions asked about financial advisors:


“How do you know when you’ve got a good financial advisor? How do you pick one?” 



Trustworthiness is key


Well, I would start with the most important thing that people would say is that person should be trustworthy.


Of course, you’d never choose to do business with someone that you didn’t feel like you could trust. But I found, after thirty eight years of experience as a financial advisor, that trust is a bigger issue than most people understand.


Trust always implies that that advisor would do the right thing. They would put your needs ahead of their own. But I have found that trust also means something else, and even bigger. And that is you have to trust that a person knows the right thing to do.


And that comes from having a combination of credentials and knowledge and experience. You know, in my case, having started thirty eight years ago in the financial services industry, I very quickly found out this is something that I wanted to make a career of.


Independent advice – not allegiance to one company


So I decided I want to become a student of the business. And I pursued every degree and accreditation that I could find to learn everything that there was to learn about what I was doing to serve people. So that education and that credential, combined with years of experience, just provides a very broad base of knowledge that is an independent financial advisor.


There is no allegiance to one company or one line of thought. It’s always that trustworthiness, that the person that you’re trusting in is going to know the right thing to do and give you the most appropriate choices so that you can make the right decisions in selecting a financial advisor and then, in designing your own plan.


Finding the answers


I created twenty videos responding to the most important questions that people ask me about their money, their financing, their investment, and their retirement plans.


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