Is there a better retirement plan than your 401K?

The 401K. The grand daddy of all retirement plans.  Or is it? Sometimes exploring alternatives can exceed the benefits of going with a traditional retirement plan.


“Is there a better retirement plan than your 401K?”



Think Long Term


You know, many people, when they go to work and their company has a 401K, they automatically sign up and never think about the long term consequences of tax deferring so much of their money.


Well, at Barber & Associates, we’ve helped people for thirty eight years design tax efficient retirement plans using an investment that you probably would never understand would be so helpful in retirement, and that is life insurance.


Life Insurance can exceed your 401K return


You know, life insurance, typically, you think of as a type of investment that’s going to cover you. What happens if you die? But if used properly, the inside growth of a life insurance policy can be returned to you on a tax free basis at retirement; many times, exceeding what you would actually receive after tax from your 401K plan.


Now, I recognize this is probably starting information to some of you, but a wonderful idea for you to check into because there are alternatives to your 401K or your IRA plan that over time, may be far more efficient for you to consider.


Finding the answers


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