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Meet Mike Barber

Mike Barber is a Chartered Financial Consultant with nearly 50 years of experience and is an expert in increasing retirement income for his clients. His objective is to provide a worry-free retirement with a focus on reducing risk, minimizing taxes, and planning for long-term medical needs.

Over his career, Mike has worked with a wide diversity of people. In his words, “People become clients, clients become friends, friends become like family.” Today, his many clients enjoy the flexibility in meeting Mike via Zoom meetings. During a recent meeting a client commented that “For the first time I understand how my money works”.

This is why Mike is in the finance world.

Nobody wants to work forever.

Let us show you how to use leverage to catch up on your retirement savings.

You need a financial advisor who:

✔️ is knowledgable and keeps up with the current market trends

✔️ has your best interests in mind

✔️ will keep you up to date on how your money is doing

✔️ explains things in a way that is understandable

✔️ can be reached easily to respond to your questions via email, phone, or Zoom

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